“Aleksandra is an amazing coach. She introduced me to essential oils, healthy cooking and lifestyle a few years ago and her passion transformed me. Her approach to healthy cooking is so fun, creative and inspiring. Every time I speak to her, I get loads of inspiration and empowerment, she is incredible. I changed the way I cook, the way I eat and there is so much more to learn. I feel more alive and rejuvenated after following her advice. Thank you Olenko’s Kitchen for all that you do.”

~Daria Jabenko~

“Alekesandra Winters has been at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle from teaching the proper ways of a nutritional eating as well as incorporating juicing as an essential function to my diet. Winters as a health coach also emphasis the use of superfoods and essential oils how they are beneficial not to our spiritual being but our overall well-being.”
~ Ailing L. ~

“Reflecting on the explosion of various delicious and healthy raw plant-based foods prepared during the cooking session with our teacher, Olenko was a treat and fantastic experience. Olenko has taught me that we do not have to sacrifice the taste of good healthy and delicious foods for processed foods—in the end, we not only take care of our health, but can also enjoy the richness and flavorful foods mother nature intended us to eat!!! Bon apetite, Olenko—can’t wait for your new cookbook!!!”


“When I first committed myself to going to the class, I thought, “What am I getting myself into, now?” Not knowing what to expect, not being a vegetarian or vegan, I went with apprehension. But after being with Olenko for just five minutes, her easy-going manner and enthusiasm for raw foods turned my apprehension into anticipation! I couldn’t wait to try the creations made by my fellow classmates that day. Happy belly! Fun time! Can we do it again?”

~Carol-Ann Cook~

“I myself am not vegan, but over the years, Olenko’s Kitchen has introduced me to a whole new world of food! Her raw vegan plant based foods are so colorful and beautifully presented that you are enticed to try whatever it is she has created for an occasion. Every time I do, I am amazed at how delicious her food tastes!
One of my favorite foods she has made for me is her raw banana crepes with fruit and cashew filling… They are to die for! Her smoothies are so colorful, fresh and delicious and I love how she presents them with beautiful flowers that compliment the fruits and vegetables in each one. Even her raw chocolates and cookies for dessert make you feel good because, while you are indulging in something sweet, you know she uses real ingredients and can enjoy it that much more. You feel good when you eat and drink her raw vegan creations because you know you are eating or drinking something natural, healthy and artistic!”

~Diana S.~

“Olenko’s Kitchen is what food should be. It is always beautifully presented and truly delicious. My favorites are the raw chocolates with cherries and the raw “cheese”cakes. I can’t believe how creamy and delicious those cakes are!”

~Tava Naiyin http://bellydancebytava.com ~

“Hi Olenko, I would just like to thank you again for the raw plant based food cooking class. You are an amazing and creative chef and you made the class so much fun. I can’t believe we were able to prepare so many delicious organic vegan dishes. Yum! It wasn’t just the team work, it was easy to do! Hopefully this will be the first in a series of cooking classes. Just make sure you include me on the list of invites!”

~Maria Regina Ramirez~

“I have known Olenko for many years. She has always been deeply involved in activities regarding art, nature, and health. Every time I talk to her, she inspires me to better myself. Thanks to her, I made many changes in my diet, and I love incorporating her recipes in my menu. Olenko truly brings love and light into people’s lives. I am so glad I know her! Love”
~Lidia B.~

“Olenko”s Kitchen has brought new traditions to our family gatherings. Persimmon pies, raw chocolates and oatmeal cookies are so delicious, you are shocked they they are healthy too. I’m not a vegan by any means, I have loosely followed the “paleo” lifestyle for some time. I followed Olenko’s plant based transformation and have found myself drawn to her amazing creations. Weather it’s an avocado and tomato salad, “pasta” with “cream” sauce, or a quinoa vegetable plate, her simple directions are easy to follow for a delicious, fulfilling, healthy meal made with real ingredients. Now, I find myself opting for vegetables over meat. She is truly life changing and has enlightened me on the ease of cooking plant based fulfilling foods.”
~Rachel P.~

“With it’s beautiful and colorful combination of ingredients ranging from American to European to Middle Eastern, Olenko’s raw and plant-based food is not only incredibly healthy, but also tasty to boot! And no animals harmed in the process! I just keep coming back for those raw vegan dark chocolates! : -) “

~Ben Miller~