Interview with Fabian Farquharson about New Human Avatar

Published : Saturday, January 12th, 2019

I am live! Interview with Fabian Farquharson about the new human avatar😀 you don’t want to miss this guys!

This is what Fabian says:
“I began my spiritual journey 20 years ago since then I’ve been on a constant path of self discover. I’m also an interior designer, through my knowledge of self which is something I’ve gathered over a long period of time, it has lead me to even saving the lives of two individuals through my understanding of the human avatar.
I’d like to talk about the upgrade and advancement of the human avatar, this is something that had been largely hidden from us until now. We know that we’re electric beings, and we know that we do have a soul essence and that consciousness is an interconnectedness web that we’re all aligned with. I’ve discovered through my own self study over a 20 years period that we’re an advanced organic electrical system that is fuelled and maintained and ultimately charged by the highest forms of electrical elements along with (CHO) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen. Like other lower forms of technology we have to be charged. I’ve found that if we charge this inner system, (an electrically charged entity is cased inside of a magnetic field, this field contains at its centre a hyperbolid which is an hour glass all of this can be seen with visual scientific experiments, and it’s also encoded within ancient cosmology, were able charge this core centre which runs directly through the centre of our being we know these as our chakra wheels along with other elements such as oxygen, if we apply the correct formulas and protocols we can charge our avatars which is a suit that allows the soul, higher self to interact within this physical realm. Tesla made the same findings but I’ve advanced on this area of his endless genius discoveries. I’ve discovered that aged urine carries the required electric charge to allow us to rise in consciousness via the expansion of our field. Once we become sensitive our bio – magnetic field allows us to receive information from the universe thus giving us advanced capabilites. I’ve been lucky enough to experience these advancements first hand, i gave a decent account of this within my collaboration with Monica Schutt. So I’m raising awareness of this human upgrade and the ways to achieve it along with the release of all dis – ease. Many forms of nature the organic realm can also head us in the right direction.”
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