Interview with Weslyn Jen about Vegan lifestyle

Published : Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

 Interview with Weslyn Jen about her transition to vegan lifestyle, essential oils, self love and art.

Weslyn is:
Human. Pagan. Vegan.
I AM an infant child in an infinite universe- a humbled being be-ing.
I started my company – Indigo Revolve:
A modern adaptation of ancient healing techniques. Indigo Revolve offers a wide array of holistic tools: Reiki, Essential Oils, Sound Healing, Animal Communication & more.
“I have dedicated my life to rewild the warriors within us all to stand up for our Great Mother Earth. Truth is my divine purpose & from such blooms freedom for all creatures on this planet. Health & Happiness is deserved by all.”
For more info check #IndigoRevolve
Insta: @indigorevolve
FB: @indigorevolve
Youtube: Indigo Revolve
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