Jason Layton Interview

Published : Monday, April 8th, 2019

I AM LIVE with Jason Layton from The Masters Octave called “Metaphysics Guide Through the Multiverse”
In this interview we are going to talk about:
•Decoding The Matrix through Intentions
•Hypnosis, Spirituality & Metaphysics accessing your greatest potential
•Our connection to the Stars
•Lost history
•What is the Matrix
•Tips to remove blocks
•Starseeds and aliens connections
Jason Layton is a Metaphysicist, Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapists, Author
Currently serves as the President on the Board of Directors of The Masters Octave non-profit
Jason has created an online course called “The Souls Dream”. The course is designed to assist with discovering Who You Really Are and Why You Are Really Here.
He developed the Meditation-script which is a personalized Hypnosis mediation that assist people with programming their subconscious to bring about their Hearts desires.
He has been working with individuals and groups for over the last 15 years helping and assisting with their spiritual and personal growth.
Jason’s Story
Jason’s quest for the Age Old Answers – “Who Are We?” and “Where Do We Come From?”,
started at a very young age. His curiosity led him to study meditation, dreams, astral travel and channeling. Some of his greatest influences were Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ken Carey, and Igor Ledochowski.
A major shift happened when he was a teenager when his mother introduced him to “The Masters’ Octave”, a metaphysical channeling group. Afterward, Jason’s meditations began to provide profound guidance and insight. By the time he was 21, he was the main channel-er for the group. Within no time, the group expanded to two nights a week. He continued this influential work for 4 years.
When he was 27, Jason’s first book was published, “I AM Understanding Who & What You Are Vol.1″ This book is a compilation of his first year of channelings (2006). A short time later, Jason’s second publication “The Quick Guide to Oneness” was printed. In 2010, Jason stepped away from channeling in pursuit of a more constant direct connection with his Higher Self. Also in 2010 Jason started taking courses on Hypnosis. He realized that to create lasting changes in life the fastest and most reliable way is to access the Subconscious mind. He has spent the last 8 years developing his hypnosis skills to be able to provide his clients in achieving their greatest potential. His most influential Hypnosis teachers are Igor Ledochowski and Marisa Peer. In 2018 Jason became the President on the Board of Directors of The Masters Octave non-profit. The Masters Octave mission is to Provide Artistic, Cultural, and Spiritual Developmental Opportunities to Enrich Our World.
In 2019 Jason released the online course called The Soul’s Dream it is the result of his discoveries from his research from the past 25 years. The course is an amazing compilation of information that completely describes the inner workings into our deepest reality. The course is 100% free. Jason believes everyone should have access to this information so it is his gift to humanity. He is currently working on his latest project called Know Thyself. This project will be released in later 2019 early 2020.
Jason Sites:
The Masters Octave
Jason Layton
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