Olenko’s Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Published : Sunday, October 30th, 2016

1 ½ cup raw cubed organic Sugar pumpkin

2 very ripe Hachiya persimmons

1 cup raw Jamaican coconut meat

4-5 Medjool dates

pinch of Ceylon cinnamon

2 TBS pure water

organic raw cranberries

Scoop the meat from raw Jamaican coconut. In the Vitamix or food processor process raw coconut meat with 1 TBS of pure water. Transfer to a dish, then layer the white mixture at the bottom of your glasses. Cut sugar pumpkin in half, scoop the seeds, then peel the skin off and cube the pumpkin. Next in the Vitamix mix raw cubed pumpkin, persimmons, dates, cinnamon with 2 TBS of pure water. Layer over the white mixture, then layer the white again and then the orange one. Top it of with fresh cranberries. Tastes amazing with my “ Love Potion” truffles : ) Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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