Sandra Bolognia Interview about Tinkerbell’s Gems

Published : Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Join me today October 23rd 2017 at 6:30 pm EDT for a fun Olenko’s Kitchen interview with Tinkerbell’s Gems Sandra Bolognia ?We are going to be taking about essential oils, vegan diet and her beautiful jewelry. Sandra Bolognia grew up in Western Pa. She earned multiple graduate degrees in social work and Educational Psychology before she moved to sunny south florida and became a teacher in public schools. She has counseled and taught teachers and students of all ages 5 through adult. She expanded her training in spiritual studies and became a minister in 1985. Her healing work has taken her beyond counseling to learn to remove energetic implants, emotional blocks, genetic miasms, toxic beliefs and thought forms, as well as entity attachments. She practices essential oil techniques for optimal emotional, spiritual and physical health, and is a holographics
kinetics practitioner. She creates healing jewelry using optimal energetics for the highest and healthiest intentions for those who wear it. She is a gluten free vegan ??????????????????

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