Interview with Dr. Michele Belle of Free Spirit Holistic Expo

Published : Saturday, May 25th, 2019


I AM LIVE with the amazing Michèle Bèll Dr. Michele Belle. We are going to be talking about her life’s mission and upcoming event on June 2nd Free Spirit Holistic Expo Free Spirit Holistic Expo

Dr. Michele is a Spiritual Catalyst, a Grief Counselor, an End-of-Life Doula, and Author in New York. She’s also a friend and Intuitive Mentor to everyone she meets.

She’s a bereaved mother and abuse survivor who’s flirted with depression and suffered a wide range of physical illnesses brought on by the overwhelming effects of life’s emotional stresses. She’s always had an inherent understanding that modern medicine doesn’t repair the soul. Through her own personal insights and self-awareness, she pursued a journey of healing that led to a PhD in Metaphysics, and a greater depth of understanding the human psyche as it relates to the many difficult earthly challenges we can’t avoid, especially dealing with abuse, trauma, death and dying.

She now embraces her own ongoing personal journey of healing that is rooted in helping others. Founder and CEO for Skippers Angel Wings a 501 (c) 3 since 2003. She dedicates her time helping families that have been brought down by the devastation of a critically-ill child. We help families with food, clothing, shelter and more—so they can focus on the care their child needs.

She willfully lives her truth, knowing that there is no such thing as recovery, and only acceptance and self-love can bring the release of anguish.

Mentoring others on their path out of the darkness keeps her connected to her gifts of intuitiveness and spiritual channeling.

She always had the gift and the signs were there early on, but she didn’t fully recognize their meaning until facing the death of her son brought her a clarity of purpose and an inner strength she never knew she had. It was then that she started looking back upon the stages of her early life, and realized her purpose had always been to help the dying transition, and the living cope.

She has since devoted the rest of her natural life to embracing her purpose, releasing all resistance to grief and anguish, and helping others turn barriers into powerful life-affirming strength.

Dr. Michele Bell
Healing Practitioner:

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Level I, II, III
APA-American Psychological Association
HFA-Hospice Foundation of America
IMPA-International Metaphysical Practitioners Association
EMPA-Energy Medicine Professional Association
Master Life Path 11 – Inspired Heale

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